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Industrial Display

Industrial Display product line

Founded in 1994, Winmate INC. is a worldwide leading Industrial Display solution provider with an excellence in display technology. Our customer consists of commercial accounts, original equipment manufacturers, equipment maintenance companies, value-added resellers, gamming, and numerous transportation facilities. Sometimes our knowledgeable customers provide excellent ideas to us for product development. We know the best what our customers need. Based on the requirement of applications, we've created many bundle solutions as sales guides to help our customer win each project! Winmate provides a wide range of industrial display solutions with different housing types that supports multiple mounting options. Winmate's industrial display product line includes the Chassis, Open Frame, Panel Mount, Rack Mount, Front IP65, PoE monitor, 4K-UHD Monitor, USB Type-C Display, and Multi-Touch series.


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Multi-touch (P-cap) | Winmate

Multi-touch (P-cap)

The new generation of highly accurate, crystal clear resolution projected capacitive Multi-touch display in open frame, panel mount, or standalone (VESA mount) housing for industrial and commercial applications.
Open Frame | Winmate

Open Frame

Winmate’s Open Frame Industrial Display also comes in an open frame housing designed for rear and VESA mounting options. The integrated bracket design makes these displays suitable for a wide range of kiosk applications.
Chassis | Winmate


The Chassis Industrial Display comes with sleek housing that is suitable for confined places. The Chassis Industrial Display varies in color and sizes ranging from 6.5” up to 32”.
Panel Mount | Winmate

Panel Mount

Winmate’s panel mount displays are designed for industrial and commercial-related applications with unparalleled support for different mounting options, such as VESA mount and panel mount. The display sizes range from 10.4” to 32” - making these products suitable for confined spaces or large production facilities.
Front IP65 | Winmate

Front IP65

The Front IP65 Display Series features a rugged build with its IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, plus a compact bezel design – making them suitable for wet and dusty applications such as outdoor kiosks.
PoE Touch | Winmate

PoE Touch

Introducing Winmate's new generation of PoE Touch Monitor (Power over Ethernet) function where electric power is transferred to the device through a single network cable, allowing for easy installation without electrical power re-wiring.
USB Type-C | Winmate

USB Type-C

The USB Type-C Display offers a new generation of products that takes convenience to the next level. With just a single USB Type-C cable, you can easily connect your device, video input, power, and touch input into a single type of port.
Stainless Series | Winmate

Stainless Series

The Stainless Display combines an elegant design with a rugged build for industrial food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. Embrace flexible mounting options, high performance, and IP69K/IP65 standards for ultimate water and dust resistance.
G-WIN Series  | Winmate

G-WIN Series

Whether for entering data on a Vehicle Mount displays, understanding it on an outdoor display, or something in between, Winmate offers a variety of pre-configured Industrial Display units that can be easily integrated into larger systems or mounted as needed. Winmate's G-WIN Vehicle Mount displays are mountable and built to handle extreme shock and vibration, especially in heavy-duty vehicles. Select sunlight readability, dust and water resistance, or other criteria in the size that best meets your need. Winmate’s Vehicle Mount displays is equipped with sun-readable screens and glove-compatible touchscreens for easy access during the mission. The Winmate G-WIN fanless Vehicle Mount displays is available with resistive touchscreen or front glass screens and in two aspect ratios to suit different spaces. Plus the entire Winmate industrial displays can be further customized to meet specific industry or technical needs.
Rear Mount | Winmate

Rear Mount

Select coming from a wide array of choices in our 19" Rack Mount Computer Series. Winmate offers both circuit board and also passive backplane rack place pcs created making use of 1U, 2U, 3U as well as 4U elevation rackmount instances. Our company is actually a full-service industrial pc provider. Our industrial computers are filled along with the market's very most trusted component suppliers such as Intel, Sony, Seagate, etc. Each shelf place personal computer lugs a total 1-year manufacturer's warranty. To simplify making the perfect rackmount personal computer for the project, give us a call as well as allow our company to quote a personalized shelf mount personal computer for you. Winmate's Rear Mount Display series is fully enclosed and fixed from the rear. With different touchscreen options, such as resistive touch and protective glass, the LCD displays are suitable for applications like control centers, self-service kiosks, and ATMs.
ATEX Grade | Winmate

ATEX Grade

Winmate offers ATEX Zone 2 and Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified Explosion-proof displays to boost remote data collection, process visualization, and monitoring control productivity. The explosion-proof technology makes these displays suitable for oil and gas or petrochemical applications where safety concerns are significant. Along With the Winmate Explosion-proof display, regardless of how requiring your atmospheres are. You may trust a trusted procedure. You receive dust-and-water limited IP6x sealing, closed adapters, plus harsh temp, surprise, and also vibration testing. And also, get correct frost and condensation free of charge operation in the freezer with optional heating systems, intelligent temperature level sensors, and more. Implementing mobility solutions in industries with hazardous working environments, such as oil and gas or chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, has proven difficult. Sometimes, it takes a single flash of electricity from the unprotected device to ignite and create a slew of disasters. Hence, mobile technologies are naturally restricted in dangerous situations where combustible materials are present and handled. As a result, experts are limited to data input via pen and paper, which is time-consuming and costly. Mobile devices employed in hazardous environments must be properly built and tested in the presence of flammable gases, vapors, and airborne dust to adapt to these volatile situations and assure employee safety. The oil & gas industry is one of the most dangerous and challenging work environments. Because the conditions are risky for personnel and equipment, reliable and accurate monitoring is crucial to maintaining safe operations. Rugged design with a high level of protection Winmate offers intrinsically safe Windows tablet functions with ATEX, IECEx Zone 2, and CID2 compliances, which can be used in hazardous and non-hazardous environments. It is a system solution for multiple applications, including chemical, distilleries, and petrol.
SDI Series | Winmate

SDI Series

Winmate's Serial Digital Interface (SDI) products are primarily designed for high-quality, long-distance signal transmissions of up to 100 meters. The design ensures no data compression while maintaining 3G SDI input and output.
Rack Mount | Winmate

Rack Mount

Winmate’s Rack Mount touch screen is the perfect solution for data centers and server rooms that require touchscreen capabilities. The rack-mount design makes it easy to place flat-screen monitors onto server racks, console drawers, and cabinets for control room and security monitoring applications. Explore a full lineup of rack displays with LCD touchscreens today.
Bar Type Display | Winmate

Bar Type Display

The Digital Signage Bar Type Display is uniquely designed with an ultra-wide LCD panel. Combining a high resolution and a high contrast ratio, these ultramodern displays are here to replace traditional LED signages. Depending on the type of application, Digital Signage Bar Type Display can be installed vertically or horizontally to suit any commercial or industrial environment.
LCD Scaler Board | Winmate

LCD Scaler Board

Winmate's LCD high brightness kit is designed for industrial environments. The LCD Scaler Board come in various industrial-grade displays to suit both industrial and commercial applications, plus they work with all embedded systems.